Omnimount Gemini 1 Speaker Stand Pair - Platinum

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Omnimount Gemini 1 Speaker Stand Pair - Platinum
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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breakfast break

These need to be about $10 less to be a good deal…

Amazon has them for $41.24 plus free shipping:

wow. just … wow.

When I look at these things I think of some smarmy '70’s techno music and a bachelor pad…

I still see that as saving $6 roughly.

If it lasts that long.

But the 70s are “retro”, so you should buy!

Reviews on amazon are kinda iffy too…

But I’m not a guy, plus my momma always told me “once is enough” when it comes to style. Don’t wear hip huggers anymore either…

That makes them a deal, just not a “good” one :slight_smile:

Come on, you know you still dig the smarmy music!

It’s a stick! On a platform! And you get TWO of them! Joy! Rapture!

More coffee!!!

Mooow chicka wowow

Speaker Stands are to Mainstream.

I just bury my speakers in my baseboards, that’s more underground.

Got these on sellout.woot for cheaper, but I’ve yet to get an notification that they have shipped. Although, it was exactly 5 business days ago. Since there is no forum for the sellout.woot deals, I shall start a convo here.