Omnimount Satellite Speaker Mount Kit

hmm… perhaps these would be sturdy enough to hang myself from with the 6’ hdmi cable?

For best performance mount these on a stud.

I can’t find any good pony pictures (that I haven’t already done) to go with this.

Edit: Wait a second! ^:)

I was just talking to the wife unit about buying a set of speakers mounts for our 5.1 system. perfect timing…

I got two …

lets get the bag of crap up!

they would have been cheaper, if these were refurbished

I got a set of these in a BOC a whiel back. They feel real solid, despite complaints about them not holding an angle. I’ll admit, I haven’t gotten around to mounting my speakers yet, but I think they will hold my Onkyo HTiB speakers just fine.

Very detailed installation instructions for these:

Did I say Smoke? I meant “feed my kid”… CHOICES… CHOICES…

What the… I don’t even…

Did I miss the BOC yet?

Anticipating that need, I expect that the next item on this Woot-Off will be…sets of speakers.

Poor Apple Bloom…

So weird that she was such a sad pony in that first episode but the rest of the season she is freaking awesome

my speakers are hung by nails in the wall with the cords dangling… so i can listen to music/tv and entertain cats at the same time. well until the cats rip them down again.

…perhaps in for 1? i think so.

Whew, there are a few of these…

Yes, these can be used at a shorter length. The description says “Includes two extensions that create three different lengths”.

not a bad price for some hunks of plastic and baggie of screws

I know! I swear, if her cutie mark doesn’t have something to do with apples…

Omnimount makes a good product.

Last Wootoff I ordered a Omnimount WS2 Monitor Mount and the quality is great!

waiting for speaker mounts that make the speakers invisible.