Omnimount Satellite Speaker Mount Kit

Drat! I just recently bought a set similar to these for about $15.00


I have these for small speakers and have been quite pleased with them. The articulating mounting system lets you get the angle(s) just right. I paid about 5 times as much for mine. I have them screwed into a wooden wall–if you have sheetrock then either use the plastic screw covers (that expand when you tighten the screw) or screw into a stud for peace of mind.

Wow, I thought that picture was just for fun, but the description says you get FIVE of these. That is really a great deal at this price. Now I’m wishing I had some small satellite speakers that needed to be mounted…

F5 faster. :slight_smile:

Maybe you should buy these now and wait for the speakers to come up.

Amazon’s got them listed for $59.00

This place has 'em for $27


They’re going for $64 on Amazon, I’m in for 2.

You can bring your unit cost down to $8 if you buy 2 more (since we’re limited to ordering TWO).

nobody in for 3 yet? do we not have any 6.1 surround fans?

oops… you get 5? I retract my stupidity.


In for two. I figure I can use one set myself and give the other to my brother for a cheap birthday gift. Strange that I didn’t see an option to buy three, though. Not that I need three, it was just strange.

Buy Thr- oh, wait…

They are cheap, just buy them so we can get to the next item…

Ahem, guilty My speakers are on piles of pizza boxes, and windowsills.

In for 2. For the price, would have done 3 if it had let us. Hoping they support my Onkyo HTIB speakers.

Windowsills make great mounts though.

I don’t need these now but I figured I’ll be able to give these to friends in need, 10$ is worth being able to help someone out for free later down the road

What are the chances. I just bought a 5.1 system. Hope they fit!