Omnimount Satellite Speaker Mount Kit

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Omnimount Satellite Speaker Mount Kit
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I haven’t gotten around to using the last set I wooted.

There is going to be a crop load of these

For the price, why not try it?

Will this work with my Windows 3.1 machine?

I’m a sucker apparently.

I currently use these on my surround sound. I have even moved them from one house to another. Pretty solid mounts.

didn’t i get these in a bag of ---- a couple months ago?

“that would be awesome, thanks.”

great write-up, as usual!

because they only support 2.5 lbs MAX load?

LOL…“mount” the speakers. Disturbing but funny.

as dirt cheap as it gets anywhere. a steal if you need a set or not.

Great deal, but I just can’t seem to get excited about speaker mounts.

I have these for my rear speakers on my 5.1 set up. they do a good job but are only good for small light speakers. if you have anything of a medium size they wont work too well as the plastic isnt that strong. for this price its very worth it.

I’m reasonably sure the speakers are not ported for that purpose.

I got two of these in the last woot-off. I was planning on holding on to the extra set for spare parts but the quality is pretty solid so i might just give the spare set away to a friend in need

how do these attach to the speakers? Is it double stick tape or screw in. I have an ancient bose set that was given to me by father in law so wonder if these would work.

That’s like just over one couric!

Why do satellites need speakers? In space no-one can hear them scream.