Omnimount Satellite Speaker Mount Kit

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Omnimount Satellite Speaker Mount Kit
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Note: These cannot mount an actual satellite!

But how good do they taste?

Finally, something to mount my satellites on!

These are great! Have them up now

i have these. work as advertised. but i paid more. like 10 years ago. maybe more

How many of these things did you guys get?

Buy 3, everyone needs 15 Speakers Mounts.

Buy 3, everyone needs 15 Speakers Mounts.

Worse than a shirt off! Speaker mounts? Really?? If I get even one of these things in a BOC…it’s going right out the window.

So I can hear music on my outdoor patio of course!

PLEASE TELL ME I HAVENT MISSED THE BAG OF CRAP! Fate has denied me a chance to get these every wootoff…sigh

Ugh… woot off killer

These are really great for the money as long as your satellite speakers weigh less than 2 pounds. Easily worth 15/20 dollars for the set, This is a real value. Pick up 2

I took one for the team and got two, maybe I’ll give them away to friends who buy speaker systems

These used to sell for $25 when I worked at Circuit City. Quite the deal we’re getting here…

My wife is still wondering why I bought 2 sets of these last time and still haven’t gotten around to mounting the speakers downstairs…

DON’T HAVE THE BOC YET. i’m gonna go get a burrito!!!

These SUCK more than the vacuum!

They are already going faster than the Dyson

You totally missed it. Go back to sleep