Omnimount Satellite Speaker Mount Kit

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Omnimount Satellite Speaker Mount Kit
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Can’t wait to get a few dozen of these bad boys


The first two things were both $1.99…are we having two dollar Tuesday instead of 2 for Tuesday?

Got some of these last time.

Meh… next, nothing to see here! Move along… move along!

thinking this woot off is not worth sleep…

but I don’t have speakers :’(

Woot killer!!!

5 little wall mounted woof off killers :frowning:

I got a box of these in a BOC one time. Still in the damned box. Who wants it???

Well I read that as “ominous” first. They seemed cooler then.

so is it worth it or not…i dont have surround sound speakers in my house yet…will this do the trick??? or is it completely lame and ill be so disappointed that they’ll sit in the box for days/…and days…and days…

Any chance these have 1/4" threaded posts or something you could use to mount small cameras?

Exterior security cams, that kind of thing?