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OmniMount Satellite Speaker Stands - Platinum (1 Pair) [New] - $4.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * OmniMount SR1 Platinum Speaker Stand-1 Pair

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i hope 1 pair is how many are on the block

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OmniMount Satellite Speaker Stands - Platinum (1 Pair)
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 OmniMount SR1 Platinum Speaker Stand-1 Pair

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Can they double as a weapon?

Surely someone can use these in their trailer.

7.99 last month

GOOD PRICE…bought these the last time they were up at $7.99 a pair.

Man that last item would have been pretty cool if my basement was finished and I had a bar set up.

So, in 2-3 years.

Anyone know decent cheap speakers to couple with this for a home stereo system(as left and right rear speakers)?

wow. silver colored sticks.

Nephew would probably take his TBall bat to them.

How to tell the difference if you are in a mobile home or a trailer:

Go to your basement… And look up.
If you see axels, you are in a trailer!

Credits go to: Can’t remember the guys name…

Anyone know if these are any good? I kinda have a random ledge speaker location thing going on - if these are decent it may make sense to grab.

deff wouldnt get this

Just add a can of silver spray paint and…


For this price, they are very decent. Take close note of weight capacity…only 3 lbs.

Top five things to buy in a recession.

  1. Portable ice maker
  2. Easy Bake oven
  3. “Scratcher” tickets
  4. Malt Liquor
  5. Windows Vista

yeah, wouldnt be able to deal with the fact that theyre silver when you get them

does anybody know what speakers are in the picture?