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woot! is FUBAR

woot! is FUBAR

So too is Wootalyzer. Woe is me!

Terirble killer.

Someone reboot the server!!!

When I click on i want one…it has me log in again.

“worst woot-off ever”""
might as well get’er in early.

woot needs to Woot-off their server,
page is loading too slowly…BHP?

everything’s messed up tonight…on any browser…

can y’all fix this please???


My Wootalyzer seems to be working great! Alas, the poor servers at Woot do not seem to be doing as well. But, this still makes it a perfect Monday, far as I’m concerned. Don’t know that I need anything, but a pre-Christmas Woot-Off is ALWAYS welcome :0)

the site is moving as slow as molasses. Two items I’ve missed out on waiting for pages to load.

This is crazy… I’m going to bed

Wootalyzer for me is about 2 minutes off