Omnimount Single Arm Desktop Monitor Mount

Would love to have a couple of these for my desk at work.

I only have a laptop. :frowning:

Would this work with my iMac?

kidding… has single monitor mounts for half this price, dual mounts for cheaper than this price:

I have 4 of the dual monitor mounts and they’re terrific.

Only up to 26" monitors, sorry have 28" ones :{

will it hold my crt?

But then you could mount your Laptop! Just think of the possibilities!!

How vertical can I adjust these arms?

No screws? Oh wait, screws. Your “In the box” comment should mention this.

sadly, not a great deal. has several for less that $30. Also, several dual monitor mounts for $40-$50

No. Flatscreen only.

Yeah, but they don’t have gas-assist vertical adjustment.

Wow, I have been waiting to pull the trigger on one of these things for a while. Thanks Woot

Click on the pic at the top of the page. I see lots of screws…

Came here to say that. I bought 3 mounts for about the same price as the one here. Who cares if they don’t have gas-assist height adjustment? I don’t need to adjust the height after I get them set up.

Hey, thanks for this link! I was really conflicted about this woot.

You wouldn’t use one of these clamping mounts on a glass desk, would you? Where would you find a floor standing mount, then?

To quote Tom Hanks’ character from Big, “I don’t get it.”

Monitors have feet, and the feet don’t take up space except directly below the monitor. If you place the monitor at eye level, the monitor will be level with the desk in any event. What are you going to do with that extra 1" of space between the desk and the monitor that used to be taken up by the feet? I suppose you can stack your Oreos.

I don’t get it.

These are perfect for hanging clumps of hair fished from my plumbing by another popular woot off product that we should be seeing soon!


But how often will you be adjusting your monitors? Once you get it set up you’re likely to never touch it again.