Omnimount Single Arm Desktop Monitor Mount

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Omnimount Single Arm Desktop Monitor Mount
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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My bank has these exact mounts at the teller counters. They’re pretty cool.

I’m quickly losing my battle with consciousness… sleep is taking over… please, Woot, please… BOC time!!!

Come on, Woot, just put up the bag of crap already so I can go to bed!

These are great for emergencies, when safety is a concern. My ex used to travel with them (they’re airplane safe), and used them when she jogged alone at night. She did run into problem in a public bathroom, however, and had to leave it outside. They’re also great for people with allergies.

Woot… I promise, if you post a bushel of corn, I’d buy one.

Nice, but not what I’m looking for.

As a side note: Giveaway of the Day is a cool audio converter.

These are awesome. I went in for 2 the last time they were on woot. Great purchase, fit the bill perfectly.

I might have gotten this if I hadn’t just ordered an arm from Monoprice a couple of days ago.

The gas lift is nice, as is the rotation, but even with that I’m not entirely sure it is worth the price difference. Gas lift alone would definitely be worth it if I planned on putting anything over 19" on it. Rotation, that’s more of a luxury, does anyone really switch their monitor back and forth all that often?

Ah ha, you rookies actually thinking a Random Crap will happen tonight. How much ye have to learn. Go to bed my friends, you’re perfectly safe.