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Omron Step Pedometer – 2 Pack [New, Bulk Pack] - $2.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Omron HJ-002 Step Pedometer

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is it even possible to walk 31,337 steps?

Just got my Poke’Walker yesterday so I think I’m good.

should the Product say “2 Omron HJ-002 Step Pedometers” and not “1 Omron HJ-002 Step Pedometer”?

Just get the new Pokemon game.

Reviews say this pedometer is inaccurate.

It is if your e-leet! Bunch a nerds.

Just wait to get one for free. Health centers usually just fling them at people.

will this convert to kilometers?

I got one of these for free somewhere, it never counted my steps. Apparently I don’t “bounce” enough when I step for it to tell that I took a step, only worked when i jogged.

Nah. I actually waited up til 1 AM for a change and there is carp. in for none.

It is if your “leet!”

Is there a clip for the belt? What if you just held this in your hand. Would it count right?

Does this pedometer have the same accuracy problems that seem to face most pedometers? IE: Double counting steps or counting other movement as steps when they really weren’t.

actually yes- since there are 5,280 feet in a mile, that equals to just under 6 miles… no big deal if your in good shape…

I’m probably not the only one but I got my PokeWalker Sunday and I still had my Pokemon Pikachu from 10 years ago so I’m content on pedometers.

They don’t like it at Buzzillions

I have had the opportunity to own about fifteen different pedometers in the past ten years (I average walking about six miles per day) and I can say that without a doubt, Omron makes the best pedometer out there. Unfortunately, this is not the one that I would recommend, but for the price I will probably buy three pairs of them.

The Omron that I would recommend is the HJ-112 which can be seen right here:

My pedometers would last an average of about four to six months, but I have put in approximately ten batteries in my Omron HJ-112.

Does it work for jogging as well as walking?