ON 100% Whey Gold Standard Protein Powder - 3 Flavors

Thanks for the note, I was able to cancel the order and go with the 5lbs. one at Amazon as I am a prime member = win/win.

they’re comparing the final price from woot and amazon. woot’s shipping is $5. if you have prime on amazon you will save .88 by getting it here.

I don’t shop on woot to save .88

That’s not really fair though, you can’t compare Amazon Prime (which is basically a members club) to that of Woot which is free. That would be like saying the sales at the grocery store aren’t really sales because you can get something cheaper from Costco or Sams Club.

I agree that for most people, this isn’t a deal, but for people without prime it would be worth it to save ~$10 from standard price.

Isn’t it free shipping on Amazon even without Prime because it is over $35?

Took a peek at the ingredients and found the “creamer” components kind of odd. I’m a bacon, donut, and carb lover, so it doesn’t make a difference to me either way, but some might mind.

On the other hand, I was looking at a comparable product at Walmart and noticed that the manufacturer had slipped a derivative of creatine into the mix – that’s really the sort of ingredient you have to know and want. In my case, a few years ago I was loading on creatine without enough liquid intake, and managed to give myself a nice full set of kidney stones. It’s now a banned product in my house! Anyway, I’m glad to see the ON solution otherwise has no unexpected ingredients.

OK Costco sells 5 lbs for 49.99 even with 6% taxes it comes to be 10.60 a pound… Woot, with shipping and buying two of them comes to 11.36 a pound? 12.12 a pound if you only buy one. I don’t see the saving here…sorry I have to say I am passing on this one.

Not a good deal, go into GNC and get the “hot buy” gold standard whey 5lb. I think it is about $47.99. Much better deal.

Go for the double rich chocolate… best flavor IMO

I guess that works in your case but Costco is a MEMBERS club, is it not? So the math doesn’t work for anyone who is NOT a member at Costco or anyone who doesn’t live close to a Costco. The members argument applies to Amazon Prime as well.

I agree this is not a fantastic deal but it is still a deal if you actually compare apples to apples…

It’s sort of like looking at circuit breakers at Home Depot and saying “Yeah, well I get a better deal at the Electrical Supply Center.”…wait for it…“because I am a licensed electrician.”

What is the country of origin? Is that information no longer required? I don’t want protein powder that has been fortified with melamine.

Same product on Amazon for the same $$/oz (0.66 cents/ounce). BUT with Amazon you get better flavors to choose from. Personally I recommend the Double Rich Chocolate flavor. Tastes good and mixes very well with water.

I’ve used Gold Standard for several years now and like it a lot. (Also, 8 years ago today, I Wooted for the 1st time, FWIW)

Saw today’s link for Gold Standard whey, saw that $35 price…and thought “awesome, a 5 lb tub of some obscure/discontinued flavor, hopefully I can stand one of them, I’ll be in for at least 1.”

The crappy flavors were expected. But then saw “3 lbs” and thought it was a typo, had to be 5 lbs…a 5 lb tub of an oddball Gold Standard flavor would be a good, typical a “Woot deal.”

Then I came here to the forum to see what was up, and confirmed my initial belief that this was a joke of a “deal”…and consequently, nobody discussing a pretty darn good whey product, especially when compared to many of the other whey products Woot has been putting up.

Disappointing 8th Wootday y’all :frowning:

This is what I was thinking. I’ve been using amazon for a few years and never had to pay for shipping. Always find stuff under “Free Super Saver Shipping” and wait until my order reaches the required dollar amount(25-35 bucks normally)

I just bought a 5 lb. bag of MuscleTech whey protein for $34.98 at Sam’s. And that was not on sale. That is their regular everyday pricing. Limited to chocolate or vanilla though.

The new and improved flavor definitely is better than before. I make a frozen strawberry, whey, glutamine and peanut butter shake for breakfast every morning and it tastes great.

Furthermore, if you really are serious about protein intake, you should be taking whey and casein protein. I just bought a 4 lb. container of ON Casein protein, through Supplement Warehouse for around $36 on sale. Although with the S&H it was a little more, it was worth it to me since I ordered other supplements as well.

I know that not everyone is a Sam’s Club member, but I’m sure someone in your family or friend is.

I know that Woot offers good deals, but when it comes to workout supplements they fall short. Nine times out of ten I can always find a cheaper price at Supplement Warehouse, ProSource, or Fit Rx. And if you buy your supplements to cover you a few months at a time the S&H is fair.

SW also will match and beat any competitor pricing by 5% to include Woot.

Below is the link for the MuscleTech protein.

Great product. Not a deal.

Amazon aside, bodybuilding dot com has every flavor under the sun and runs the exact same price after shipping using a promo that runs 365 days a year and is easily found with 2 seconds of google. Plus they include free samples with every order.

But to cap this off, most every supplement store offers BOGO1/2off many times during the year. Even brick and mortar stores. That easily undercuts this offer. Now before you all say, “Well this is here and now,” I get that. But are you so starved for protein powder you can’t wait two weeks until someone runs that offer? I see it at Vitamin Shoppe all the time. Bodybuilding dot com too.

Lastly, Woot will probably delete my comment anyway. Just like they did when I showed everyone the same Vizio TVs for less money a couple days ago…

Sorry about that! These are made in the US- we’ve added that into the features.

With Woot’s shipping speeds, you might as well wait two weeks for a deal on some other site and still end up getting it faster.

Optimum Nutrition (along with BSN) is now currently owned by Glanbia. According to their reports, they utilize a US cheese division that provides the whey pool they need for their nutritional divisions (sports supplements).

It’s true that you pay a membership for Amazon Prime and Costco. However, people that frequent woot are typically people out to save money, and therefore are likely to be members of these types of clubs as well. So posting that Costco or Amazon Prime is a better or similar deal is still a valid point to make, even if it doesn’t apply to everyone.

ON Gold Standard is my #1 go-to for whey protein. I’ve been buying it for years now, and thought the same as many. “This must be a 5 pounder of a flavor they can’t sell, maybe I’ll finally be in for a w00t besides T-shirts or wine again.”

Nope. Awesome product, but not really a deal at all, as we have come to expect from w00t in the last couple years. I should strip them of their zeros at this point. It’s not the same company it used to be. And that’s really unfortunate for us all.

No Chocolate? Pointless.

3 worst flavors.