ON 100% Whey Gold Standard Protein Powder - 3 Flavors

I love this stuff. I mix with almond milk and add to chocolate pudding (sugar free) mix. But the flavors they are offering are not to my taste. Maybe next time a better price and better flavors?

This stuff is FULL of crap ingredients. Please don’t put this stuff in your body.

Highly recommend this one, the past year or so I’ve gotten into some light bodybuilding and tried a couple other cheaper products, but most of them have a bunch of crazy ingredients and this is pretty clean protein powder. I can tell you it does make a difference to use a protein shake as part of a bodybuilding regimen. I typically get the mocha cappuchino flavor which is great, haven’t tried any of the flavors here.

I usually buy from Bodybuilding.com and this Woot price isn’t really much of a deal at all. But if you want the 3.3 lb and just want to try one of these flavors, Woot’s price is comparable at least.

Walmart has it for $15.98 per bottle. Woot needs a better deal than $35.00 for one bottle…
At Walmart $15.98
60g Premium protein
1.95 lbs whey protein

Buyer beware, read the ingredients

This is why I said if you don’t have prime. Not everyone does. So if you don’t have prime and don’t plan on having prime this is the better deal of the day.

I did a mock order for the same item with standard shipping on Amazon and they wanted almost $10 for shipping.

I’m not a prime member, but was able to change the “chose a shipping speed” from standard to Free Shipping. So it was 40.87 shipped if I wanted to order it.

So I wouldn’t see any reason to rush to buy it from woot. If you happen to like the brand and need it, mine as well, but not a price you need to stock up at. It’s your common every day price.