On Cloud Nine

Only if you play it backwards. :wink:

Read every third word to find the hidden message.

Wear the shirt, dream dreams of wootiness*…

thinking about it, I can’t decide what they would be…guess the dreamage varies with the individual*

**needing sleep and/or caffeine and/or Cloud Ni…aha

aww cuuute :] girl on top looks kinda like a less busty vintage Barbie

The first thing that comes to mind when I see this shirt is “har har.” I’m not the “har har” shirt kind of person, but it is cute nonetheless. =)

It’s just number nine again!!! Amazing!

Lucy in the sky with ninens.
Wrong song?

It has to do with a deck of cards, see. There are four nines in a regular deck of 52, and if you add 9 + 9 + 9 + 9, you get 36. And 3 + 6 is of course 9 again! Get it? Well, neither do I.

To give you the straight answer on this, it’s a subtle (and by subtle I mean subtle like a cherry bomb) reference to the Beatles tune of the same name. All that they do on said “song” is repeat the phrase “Number nine” ad nauseum for several minutes.

52 weeks in a year…?

All we need is 9,
9 is all we need.

Actually, the title of the song is “Revolution 9,” and it includes loads of samples, one of which is an audio engineer saying “number nine.”

Apparently, it’s only a spooky coincidence that, when played backwards, “number nine” somehow sounds like “turn me on dead man.”

Revolution 9

Another well-known line is Yoko saying “you become naked.” In the DVD of the Phish “Play The White Album,” one of the band members (Jon Fishman) strips at this point.

I see two guys & a girl. Where is the pizza place?

Actually, it’s 56 times… if you count the title and intro lines… Just saying.

Domino’s wouldn’t sponsor the design, so the pizza joint got the axe.

This would be a great logo for some toilet paper company. Looks like the cloudy softness is just rolling off the roll, ready to use where the sun don’t shine.

I was after pants with a number 6 on them. If I put my legs through the arm holes will this be just as good?

Thought I should link to this: Cloud 9

Every cloud has a silver lining…even better if you highlight it.

Congrats, Jaden! This is how I feel most of the time. I think this shirt would serve me well.