On Cloud Nine

Somebody on the woot staff got lazy.
Can’t complain, i would have only written it 51 times.

Tonight’s forecast: scattered Cumuloninebus clouds, strong gusts of whimsy and a chance of punshowers.

I wonder if Bo Derek is a nine nowadays? She used to be a 10.

Good for J.K. I dont like personal attacks so lets just say I am super jelous and cant wait for this to die.

Garlic & Galic is her true classic, and I would never buy one.

In 1997, I had a phone number that ended with five nine’s in a row. The wierd calls I received at the strangest times were noteable. Occasionally, drunks calling a pizza order were on the other end of the line. A major pizza chain had their metro order number ending in five nines as well!

Funny, my current number is one digit off from a pizza place. I get orders all the time.

Very cool concept but should of been more artsy.

Definitely so bizarre. At least you got that it was a Beatles song. Seems like no one else knows…

A slew of references to the fourth-worst Beatles song, but none to the infinitely superior Temptations song that’s actually represented on the shirt?

For shame.

That ability to read stuff backwards comes in handy now and then.

Sigh, I think this just highlights my OCD way more then I like.

This is the Strongest shirt I’ve ever seen on woot.

i think that would actually be perfect for what you have in mind, with the hole for your head (if you know what i mean)

hey, congrats Jaden!

Ewe are really on a roll lately! :wink:

Congrats on the print, Jaden. :slight_smile:

Haven’t you read the warning on the Woot tag: “not for use as pants”…


Reminds me of these climbers. :wink:

Turn me on deadman. Turn me on deadman.

Looks like one of the writers for Woot got a little lazy today. Lol, nice design anyways!

You use the word skill way too loosely.

//wonders if that ^^ post deserves a quality post too.

Yay! JadenKale! Big congrats! this is a top one!