On-ear headphones or earbuds?



Are you a woodland creature?

Pirates wear Arr-buds !


The instruments.

This guy sits in the cubicle behind mine, he also drums on his desk and sounds like a leaking air hose when he whistles.

“I’m one of those horrid people who use their speaker setting to blast music and phone calls for all to hear. I am a monster.”

If you are this person, please know that you are annoying your coworkers no mater how nice you are or how good you are at your job.

Just saying.


I use the tool that is right for the job. Bone conduction when out among people and i need to hear. Buds for better sound but i need mobility. Headphones when alone or i am looking for the best fidelity. They are each tools that have their place.


all of the above. it depends on context.

working from home I generally play music on grouped Google homes and other Chromecast devices. phone calls are on speakerphone, teams calls are on over ear headset.

working from the office I’m generally on earbuds for both phone calls and teams calls. occasionally in the conference room with others on the same speakerphone, polycom, or laptop, etc. some phone calls I end up answering and taking the call with device to ear, and promptly leaving the office for privacy.

in the car it’s over the car’s Bluetooth. if I’m not alone it’s "hey you’re on speaker phone with me and [insert name here]

cutting the grass calls for ANC earbuds.

if I’m getting fuel, it’s blaring terrible music with all windows down so everyone can enjoy my awful taste in music and can’t hear himself think.

that last one is a joke.


Work from home - not annoying anyone (except maybe the neighbors if I crank it up to 11 … which is one louder than 10)


Echoframes glasses—Bluetooth connection that plays audio via bone conduction, so my ears stay open and don’t get sore from having AirPods in them.

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Spinal Tap


I use both.

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As another? As in: “the only comment on the page that is above your comment” :smiley:

Full over the ear headphones for me. Kills most outside noise and allows for lower volume levels. I also prefer them to be an ANC type so I can really ignore people trying to interrupt my personal escape time. Wired Bose QC-15 is my current fave.

Since my musical tastes are superior, as a service to humanity, I play my music loud so that everybody else can experience it, too.

You’re welcome.

Speakers GIF

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I use hearing aides to listen.

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Headphones for work, earbuds for play.

Old School

Deadhead Edit:
” If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine
And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung
Would you hear my voice come through the music?”

Original Pink Floyd quote:
“Your lips move, but I can’t hear what you’re saying…”

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I like my ear buds er AirPods for chillin but love my AfterShokz for exercising.

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Over the ear headphones.

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I just play music softly. This wouldn’t fly in most work situations, of course, but I work from home.