ON Running Men's All Day Cloud 5 Shoes

ON Running Men's All Day Cloud 5 Shoes


Can someone just cut to the chase for me? Ha, chase! I am running short on time. About to walk away from this page.

I run/jog on a track, sometimes on the grass. What mens shoe would be the best. Give me your top three because I am cheap. Out of shape guy trying to stay less fat, no foot problems, narrow heels. Thanks.

Love it when I see no reviews.


Honestly, the best would be to go to a local running shop that can fit you with the appropriate shoe type for your running style. Different people step in different ways and the way your hits the ground will dictate what shoe types will work best for you. In the long run this will help prevent injury. Once you know what will work best for you, then shopping online will be a heck of alot easier. From personal experience, having the right fit can mean a whole world of difference in a more comfortable running experience.

At this price point, you aren’t far off of what you would be paying there.


Also, most running shops that are worth their sale will give you a couple weeks to make sure they are the shoes for you (They typically let your exchange for a different pair)


This is some of the best advice for anyone looking to get shoes period. Not just for runners IMO. Well put @drewcroa!


You can also “adjust” the fit with different inserts.

We have been switching out OEM inserts with Spenco-brand ones. They are pricey, but you can hand wash them if needed. And you can move them from shoe to shoe.

Just a thought…:grimacing:

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Some hints - my uncle was an osteopathic doctor. As a 39 year old who does activities like a 28 year old, I’m sore all the time, everywhere, except my feet because I’ve always followed his advice…

There are three important tests to do before you buy a shoe:

  1. Flip the show over and bend the toe/heel together. The shoe should bend only near the ball of your foot. If it just bends in the middle, it’s crap.

  2. Again, with show flipped over, twist the heel and toe in opposite directions. Again it’s should flex at the ball of your foot, not the middle.

  3. Heel counter… Just above where the sole meets the body of the shoe on the back, pinch both sides between your thumb and pointer finger and squeeze. The show should offer some resistance. Again if you can easily squeeze the two sides together, it’s crap. The heel counter should offer resistance and generally keep its shape.

As an adult I am extremely grateful for this advice, but as a kid, it led to lots of fights about which shoes I was allowed to buy because, popular shoe brands tend to be expensive garbage for your feet - lots of money spent on marketing, none on quality (cough, N!KE, cough).

Once you switch to a shoe that’s actually good for your feet, you will notice the difference immediately and never go back, even if the brands are less “cool”.

WRT the shoes above, I have no idea if these are any good, but this is how much you pay for good running shoes. I would absolutely buy, if I could do the tests beforehand.

Brooks makes excellent running shoes. Some Ascis are pretty good, but depends on the model.


I feel that you generally get what you pay for with the “good for your feet” running shoe brands. I’ve tried the lower priced shoes from all of my faves and usually end up having to just toss them because they make my feet hurt. Have not tried this brand before but the price point is basically what I spend for my faves.



Thanks for the tips!

The medical staff at the VA swear by Brooks and Hoka One shoes.

However, many of the veterans have wide feet or other issues like corns, so we have been purchasing New Balance shoes. It is not the perfect solution either because ever since New Balance shifted manufacturing overseas to Southeast Asia, we have noticed the shoes are shorter in length and narrower than when they were made in the USA.

So we read reviews and complaints to see if we should purchase a size or two up to get the correct length and if we have to purchase a wider size because the shoes are coming in narrower.

We hope we chose correctly, and sometimes we get the right fit. When we don’t, we either exchange the shoe or find a “Cinderfella” or “Cinderella” veteran who can wear the shoes.

We will also start using your tips when we can.:laughing:


You can usually order brooks in “wide” sizes directly off their website. For elderly patients, look at the “gts” versions, they offer more support and help with balance. I like them for running bc they help prevent twisted ankles and balance in uneven surfaces.

Most padding/cushioning- Glycerine (offered in regular and GTS). These are my favorite, but I really like the extra pillowy feeling.
Best for high arch - Beast
Good cushion, but less pillowy feeling than Glycerine - Ghost.

P.S. While I like the stealth fit models for athletics, I wouldn’t recommend for your patients, they are tighter fitting and a little tougher to get on/off bc their isn’t a traditional tongue and the upper material is stretchy for a close feel. There also isn’t room for orthotics in stealth fit.


Big fan of Hoka. A store called Fleet Feet does video analysis of your stride/pronation and steers you to appropriate shoe. You get for what you pay.


Thanks for those tips!

We will look into Brooks’ exchange and return policies to see if it would feasible for us.

We will also look at those specific lines of Brooks that you mentioned.

We would love to minimize the possibilities of anyone rolling a foot or falling, while increasing comfort.

Thanks again! :smile:

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We will definitely do some research into Fleet Feet.

We have been looking at Hoka One shoes for a awhile because several of the medical staff in surgery have been telling us they won’t wear anything else. (They are on their feet for long periods.) They are pretty pricey.

When we discuss it with the veterans they always think it is too expensive and ask us what is wrong with Reebok or Sketchers. The families usually feel the same way. :grimacing: One veteran told us he was fine with the Champion slides we bought him awhile back to wear around the hospital. :woozy_face: (This veteran is a little more mobile, and he asked for them.)

For the veterans who are discharged from the hospital, we will look into the possibility of taking them to a specialized shoe store like Fleet Feet.

Thanks again for the suggestions! :grin:


Should you be near an REI store, they are great at finding your best choices. They measure, ask specific questions, offer suggestions and if it doesn’t work out, you get 1 year to bring them back used or not. Same deal goes with REI online shopping. They won’t measure your feet, but ask what has/hasn’t worked and guide you to their best item/fit for you. They also have some great online sales. Got $150 light hiking boots for $44 last fall.


We will check REI’s site out for shoes. We ordered from them during the pandemic because they had some really nice thick socks that we thought the veterans could use. We will definitely look into getting some shoes from there.

We purchased camp showers awhile back from REI’s website, and we gave some to some homeless veterans we met at the VA when they came over to see (but stayed a safe distance from us during the pandemic) what we were doing when we were washing our friends arms and legs with warm water (we left the bag on the dash when we went in the VA to warm up the water) from the camp shower. We got a pretty decent deal in the REI outlet section of their site.

We will check to see if there are any locations near us.

Thanks for the tip!:grin:

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There is a comany in NY state called Beekman 1802 that was started on an old farm that ended up adopting a goat herder and his animals. To make ends meet, they started making/selling goat milk soaps and lotions. The entire community chipped in to keep this buisness afloat. They are good products. The soaps lather well, moisturize the skin yet last for months! They also have wipes in recloseable bags that let you do a really good all over cleanse/moisturize with 1 or 2 wipes. I use for travel or camping. They go on sale regularly on QVC, HSN and thier home site Beekman1802.com. I was thinking of gathering funds and buying the wipes wholesale for the Ukrainians but that hasn’t happened yet.


Hey, we will check it out!

We have been purchasing the Member’s Mark Adult body wipes for our veteran friends.

They are pretty large, and we can wipe a whole body down with one or two.

We love the idea of supporting a family business, so we definitely will check that site out!

Thank you so much for posting!:+1::pray::grin::hugs:

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