On Running Men's X Cloud 2 Shoes

On Running Men's X Cloud 2 Shoes

These are literally $75-103 on their website and Amazon…

[MOD: Those are for preworn/used shoes, not new. Just like the link box states]

Those are used, refurbished shoes, not new.

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Not true

I was excited for a deal on “on” running shoes but not enough savings to take a flyer.

Had a pair of these last me less than 4 months before the treads started going. Totally not worth the cost in my opinion and found the cheaper Under Armor shoes lasted me a full year for a much better price.

They do wear out really fast. But the first week or so is absolute heaven for those of us with foot and back problems. They are totally use for one run and throwaway shoes though. I don’t even run and they are pretty much shot after just a few weeks of walking. But man oh man… are they comfy.

It’s funny people mention this. There’s a ton of YT videos showing how it’s a placebo effect. The technology actually doesn’t do anything at all. They’ve even cut the shoes in half and have shown no actual benefit from these shoes over other running shoes.

No placebo on mine. They move about a half of an inch down when I walk. I can visually see it moving. That half of an inch of cushion helps tremendously on my knees which have zero cartilage. I’m not a runner so I don’t care what they do for runners. For me… they are light and squishy, just like a pair of memory foam insoles or standing on a thin latex pillow.

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