On the Mountain with Mountainsmith

I don’t usually post, but read others comments frequently, but I have two of these products. I have the Single Bottle Lumbar Pack which I use sometimes for jogging. The comfort of it is good; you are still jogging with a belt on instead of just shorts or running pants, so something to get used to. I also have the Travel 3 Storage System. I have had it for years, and it is good at this price. All the zippers still work, although I don’t use them heavily. The cubes are NOT firm, so if they are not full they will sag which is fine for me. My bag container must be an older model because it has a top that has an additional zipper compartment. Mountainsmith’s products are quality and I have had good experiences with these and two backpacks from them…

Just purchased an Olympus E-PM2 Compact Pen Camera with 14-42mm and 40-150mm Two Lens Kit. Would the camera and these two lenses fit the Kinetic Pack or do I need this Swift pack to hold everything?

I have a four-slot modular hauler. I’ve had it for YEARS. I like the extra cubes you can buy for it, like bike, dog, cooler, etc.

I have used a Mountainsmith Swift Lumbar pack for years and love it. It’s showing its age after many miles but I have no reason to retire it. I’ve used it for day hiking and many trips to see “the mouse” in Orlando. It holds everything I need for a day out with the family (water bottles - 2, cameras, batteries, light snacks, etc…) It’s a very flexible system. You sacrifice some capacity, but I like it better than a back pack in hot climates. You can use it as a lumbar pack or use the shoulder strap to sling it across your body without looking like you’re carrying a man purse (no offense intended to any of my European friends).