On The Road Again

Great colors!

I like this one! haha!

I didn’t know all of those landmarks were so close together.

Is this what a perpetual motion machine looks like?

I immediately thought of the creepy Kia Hamster commercials.

The way the gearing is set up, won’t the scenery actually move backwards?!?..

I desperately want to know what’s on the other side of the scroll…

It seems like Kia Soul’s are everywhere these days.

I may not know much about geography, but I can tell you this much: that hamster is going West.

I am SO happy this one won! I love all the colors on navy, I love the hammie, and I love the landmarks that were used. On the road again, and again, again, again…

I don’t think this vacation represents geographic accuracy as much as an architectural time line.

With no passenger seat, that hamster car must be awfully fuel efficient!

…and lonely.

Sad thing is, the ham is seeing more of the world than I probably ever will. Guwaaaa empty pockets and plane terror!

YAY Patrick! In for one!

shouldn’t the fan be blowing from behind the car?

This reminds me of The Incredible Machine.

Nope. Assuming he moves forward, all the wheels will turn clockwise.

Staycations are all the rage amongst hamsters what with the economy down and prices on alfalfa skyrocketing.


Not quite… The Eiffel Tower was completed three years after the Statue of Liberty.

But I can tell you one thing-- the 1880’s were one crazy decade.