Once Again, ASUS

I bought this tablet in March 2014 for about $120 and it’s been wonderful. The WiFi went rogue once around October and I wiped/reset the entire device, but that’s been the only trouble I’ve had with it. I chose this tablet because of the MicroSD slot so that I could expand my storage so it’s been perfect for that. I still use it every day; I enjoy reading on it, playing games, browsing the web, partaking in social media, etc, and I absolutely love it! If I had to complain about something I wish the screen brightness got just a little dimmer so that it wasn’t so brash at night, but it’s really a great product at a terrific value! I highly recommend it!!

I bought this Asus tablet and it has been a winner, I see why thy selloutso fast. There is still white lefT this go around. I think I may pick up a spare for my family. It came in perfect shape like brand new. You can’t beat this at this price. Shoot the 8GB is a pretty good deal at $49 If tu miss the 16GB, just a bit slower still has micro SD expansion.

Tempting, but “factory reconditioned” is pushing me away.

I bought one for my son and the touch screen stopped responding after about 2 months of use and it would work when it wanted to. The warranty is only 90 days so beware! I ended up buyinging a new kindle fire w/ a 3 yr warranty.

I just received mine today, and it won’t turn on. I’m trying to let it charge for a complete day, but I’m scared that I bought a really expensive paperweight, especially since I see other ASUS Transformers that are up to $100 less than what I paid for mine.

Sorry you guys had trouble. I have been using mine heavily with no problems. Factory reconditioned mine looked brand new. They usually replace the screen and back with battery before the sell them. So when you see reconditioned always look for factory reconditioned. factory is suppose to look brand new when sold. Other places may just repair them and sell as it looks but cleaned. GPS works better than my S4 cell phone. Hope you guys get it worked out.