Once In A Knife Time: Up To 73% Off

Dudes! You forgot the chorus!!

Letting sharp knives slip by
Throw the trimmings on the ground
Letting sharp knives slip by
Will you look what I just found
Run to the ‘mergency room
To stitch my finger on my hand
What’s the big deal, I say
I still have at least nine more



Seeing the EDO 3 piece set reminded me that there were some EDO steak knives up awhile ago. I went back to check the price on those and saw complaints about the steel used and lots of potential RMA’s - if you got 'em, throw them up…I know someone that might want them…HAHAHA!!

At least there’s still water at the bottom of the ocean.

I’m cross-eyed and painless.

psst…get the Henckels 8".

That is crazy cheap.

You may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful knife
You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

The question was, “what is your favorite cut of steak?”. The answer is ribeye!!!

Sharp as it ever was.
Sharp as it ever was.
Sharp as it ever was!


I’ve been thinking of getting a nice cutlery set, since the one I have is pretty cheap/low quality. How is Ginsu as a brand?

Just got mine. The handle is cracked and the blade is rusty. Completely useless.

I’m sorry. Have you emailed in to Woot Member Services yet? If not, along with your situation, be sure to include your user name and order ID. Again, apologies for the disappointing experience.

I have the Henckels Twin Cuisine chef’s knife. I got it for about twenty bucks more when Linens ‘n’ Things was going out of business.

It’s a nice knife. The handle is very comfortable.

It’s a HEAVY knife. Very heavy. I use my Shun Classic instead of this one because I like the weight better. However, if you prefer a chef’s knife with some serious heft, this is a good one, especially at this price.