I need to enter a password one time but I am a visual person and trying to remember a buttload of information in a days time. So what I am wondering is if it would be okay to use some way that I ordinarily wouldn’t use to enter a password once. Open to suggestions.Thanks and Godspeed.

Or maybe someone could just grant me access to private message and then I can get things squared away?

sometimes I read posts and wonder if they’re some form of code, like was used in the war to smuggle out messages. What this REALLY means is
‘Frank, I love you madly but the cat thinks you’‘re an ass. It’s over, I’m sorry.’

Or maybe ‘There’s a sale on salad shooters, hurry! Aunt Bethany wants one for Christmas.’

Both of which are equally cryptic as the first post.

You could let your browser store your password, or for chrome, use a password manager plug-in such as “LastPass.”