One Arrow Left

Hmm, is that a Zombie or a hobo?

So, is that a zombie? Then it’s the opposite of Plants vs. Zombies!

It looks like Cupid fletched the arrow with feathers from the angry bird.

I don’t get it. Do hobos not get along with potted plants?


That’s so meta.

Dang love it. Sadly, another one that I’ll have to explain.

Droid and apple (iphone)
dems and rep
plants vs zombies
angry birds 8)

Ahh… in a perfect world.

I love the Plants Vs. Zombies reference

…That wasn’t supposed to be a pun.

angry bird lol

Haha, very clever. What’s the one on the far left? I get Republicans vs. Democrats, Plants vs. Zombies, and Angry Birds, but not the left one. Nice job on the design!

Are these pairings all meaningful? I imagine the elephant and the donkey are the political symbols for the two main US parties.

I always knew that someday Ape Lad would bring us all together.

Why is the aluminum can hugging the apple… is aluminum the opposite of fruit?

Am I supposed to know who the last arrow is for?

I guess the little Android fellow is different enough to not be the real thing… but I wonder- is it free to use the little symbol for anything but the OS?

I get the Plants vs. Zombies, Democrats (donkeys) and Republicans (elephants), and Android and Apple. But what’s the other one? Owls and pigs?

Apple is taking the sudden advances better than the other parings.

Ohhhh, I just got it. It’s Angry Birds.

Apple (iPhone) vs. Android