One Day Shipping?


I put in my order about 25 minutes after 11:30am ct so that’s a bummer. Regardless I selected one day shipping and it says it’ll arrive on September 5th, which is almost a whole week from today. Is there a reason for this not being ‘one day shipping?’ I thought it was an error so i clicked it regardless because i’m in dire need of new t-shirts for school. Is Woot not operating on sales for the first 2-3 days for the week? I shouldn’t have paid my five bucks if this is the case. :confused:


what did you order? if it was the random shirts on shirt.woot plus, the page for them says they don’t ship until sept. 5.


Records show that you placed two orders - One with overnight shipping that is in transit for delivery tomorrow. The other order was placed with standard shipping, which has shipped, but does not have an estimated delivery date.

Please send me a PM or email us ( if you need further information regarding the order.

Also, please note that we are coming up on a holiday weekend so some orders may be delayed shipping and arriving.


Oh right, labor day’s coming up. Well does work resume on tuesday for you guys? I want to rock some woot shirts when school starts.