One Hot Summer Day



That explains why the ice cream man didn’t drive by my place today.

I will mourn the loss of his vehicle. T_T


I’d eat it.


Oh God. The front tire is staring at me.


Ooh, your spoon is about to become less useful. Here’s a straw.


See that’s why you have to occasionally lick around the base of the cone… er, tires.


Melty swirls spot/drop on…but I want a shirt that makes me feel COOLER.


The tires remind me of The Scream.


Thank you for making an memorial shirt for this poor poor ice cream truck


I love this design - so summery! Also it makes me hungry.


On a hot summer day
Would you offer your throat
To the wolf with the ice cream trucK?


Uno-dos-tres-quatro gimme some more OK!


If you listen closely, you can still hear INXS’s Melting in the Sun warbling from the speaker.


Are liquid physics a thing? If so, this design does a good job representing them.


I’m having flashbacks of Twisted Metal…is that Sweet Tooth after a napalm blast or something?


It’s so hot that the cherry’s melting??


I guess this truck won’t be playing “Turkey in the Straw”


i work as an ice cream truck driver… is it in bad taste to wear this to work?


not really digging the “ice cream” font on the truck’s side. It looks like the font bundled with Windows.


ditto, same question haha