One In Every Group

Let me be the first to groan.

Let me be the first to laugh out loud! I love this. If only my dog were content hunting computer mice instead of voles…

Radioactive weasels?

Some nerds just don’t know what to bring to a potluck dinner I guess.

Weasels are mustelids, along with ferrets, minks, martens, otters, badgers, and wolverines.

My dog hunts socks… I send all my old ones to the vatican, cause they’re so holey muahahaha

Suprised this didn’t place first. Excellent idea and excecution. Assuming they live near the Springfield Nuclear Plant.

What type of animal is that supposed to be?

Diana Sprinkle, you are ruining me. The shirts, the book, the laughing out loud by myself at midnight. My cat & my bank account are concerned about me. I didn’t even see this one to vote for.

A stoat, I think?

DianaSprinkle, it looks like I’ll finally have a shirt that will match my internet identity, “techferret”…thank you! (jumps with excitement and squees loudly)

edit: assuming it’s a ferret (hell, it’s a weasel none the less, same family, still counts!)

Yes! Least weasels are triumphant!

I love how even the mouse that has been caught seems angry at the nerd weasel.

For confused people they are least weasels, the smallest living carnivorans. Scientific name Mustela nivalis!

Is that a mongoose? If so, I’m in. If not, then ???

How fortuitous~
The first time I vote, it wins!

YAY! I’ve weaseled into 2nd! =D

When I was working on this at 5 AM last Friday morning I so wanted to give up and sleep. I’m glad I just struggled forward and finished the coloring. Thanks everyone for the votes.

P.S. Adorable baby Least weasel video.

More like ‘Odd One Out’ than ‘Three’s Company’, in my opinion. Which is the right opinion. BOW DOWN BEFORE YOU FINICKY OVERLORD.

So glad this one printed! In for 3! Thanks, Diana, for an awesome design!

A natural follow-up to

Got some to donate to our Oregon Ferret Shelter fundraiser, Weasels Dancing in the Park, coming up on August 11th.

Yes, a ferret shelter is a real thing. We have more than 200 ferrets available for adoption right now. We also have about a hundred sick and elderly ferrets who are not up for general adoption but are held in our care facility or at foster homes.

Thank you for a great design! It’s really going to make a fun addition to the auction items. And bless your heart for weasel art!

Jeni Clark
Oregon Ferret Shelter volunteer

I would be all over this if it were AA :frowning: