One Last Cobb Summer Grilling Fling!

The first post says that summer’s over. Is it over, or do you think you’ll still be out grilling in September? Discuss.

September, October, and probably November.
I live in Central CA, and it stays pretty warm for a while yet.

Mmmyeah … in Denver CO the average daily high temp is over 90°F this month, with more of the same to finish up August.

I’m thinking I’ll get out and do some Cobbing when it cools off !!!

(Which, actually, it does once the sun goes down. There’s a 30° difference between high and low temps for the day. So it’s just a matter of picking the time between 3 p.m. and 3 a.m. that has the temp you find the most comfy.)

Same here in the hills of WV - daytime highs in the 80’s, nighttime lows in the 50’s, and we’ll dance around in this range for at least another month, so no end of summer here either. And HEY WOOT - just who is the wise guy who decided to connote the end of summer meant the end of grilling? I have a Cobb, a charcoal smoker, and an 8’ X 11’ outdoor bar and gas grill combo, and all three get used all winter long! Harrrummpfffh!!! OK< maybe not if it hits 0 and is blowing sleet, but that’s for my comfort. The grilling goes on here any time we want grilled steaks or burgers, so don’t sell poor 'Lil Cobb and it’s awesome accessories short like that… in the words of someone really important but that you don’t know so don’t ask who - “GREAT GRILLING KNOWS NO SEASON!!!”

OK, it was me. I just made that up. But in MY world, I’m pretty stinking important.

I bought one last year and hated it. It doesn’t grill anything, it ROASTS everything.

The first time I made hamburgers they came out rubbery.

Steaks never turned brown like they do on a regular grill, they basically turned into beef jerky.

I tried chicken and the same thing, came out chewy as rubber.

Cleaning it is a pain in the butt too.

And yes, I read the book that came with it, viewed the videos on youtube and posted on the Cobb board.

My Cobb now resides in the land fill.

If you drill holes in the main grill plate, you can set it up for direct grilling. No rubbery food then. If you wanna smoke something, you just cover it with a piece of foil.

Wow, not my experience at all. Cobb is by far the best grill I ever owned. It’s not just a grill over a fire, so is a small learning curve but once you get it, it works great.

Trick is to let it heat up enough first. 15 minutes at least. Then it grills like any other grill and steaks one of the best things that it does. Don’t need to drill holes or do anything else to it… just follow directions.

Cleaning of any grill is a pain. If you clean it while it’s warm, no problem. Let it cool down and the food bakes on. Then I would use a little oven cleaner if it’s really bad. Otherwise just throw it in the dish washer and it’s good as new.

Favorite food on the Cobb is Lamb roast on top with baby potatoes and carrots in the moat ! 45 minutes in the grill and it’s perfect.

My car’s in-dash thermometer read 102 °F on the way home from running errands this evening in central Texas, and it’s supposed to be even hotter tomorrow.

Plus we’ll be tailgating for Aggie football beginning next weekend. We’ll probably do three times as much grilling from now 'til Thanksgiving as we have so far this year.