One Man Band

This t-shirt would have been cooler if it had 6 more sleeves.

An octopus walks into a bar and says “I can play ANY musical instrument better than anyone in the world.”
An Englishman gives him a guitar which he plays better than Hendrix.
An Irishman gives him a piano which he plays better than Elton John.
Then a Scotsman throws him a set of bag pipes.
The Octopus fumbles about for a couple of minutes and the Scotsman says “What’s wrong can ye no play it?”
The Octopus replies “Play it? - I’m gonna f*** her brains out once I get her pyjamas off!!!”

I love the look of the instruments that the octopus is playing.

They have a jazzy, Saul Bass type of feel to them.

Nicely done Brock.

I LOVE the attention to detail of the sheet music on the piano, especially since it’s part of the woot off theme!

Where’s the clarinet? Gotta have a clarinet.

Let’s get kraken!

Here’s another one-man band!

The octopus does not have enough mouths for that many wind instruments!

I saw this guy on Sesame Street.

Is this the Yipes Stripes squid?

A wild Jazzopus has appeared! What will you do?

-Fight- -Run- -Bag- -Pokemon-

Very much like the cut-out style and subtle textures. Great looking shirt!

concept “borrowed” from a very old Sesame Street short cartoon: “Hooray for the Octopus…a One-Man Band.”

Truth be told, the more that I look at this design, the more I am reminded of the old Warner Bros Cartoon

Three little Bops.

Anyone else?

Yea yea, but can he guess the winner of the World Cup?

How dost one mouth toot on both a saxophone and a trumpet?

I guess anyone who buys this is a sucker.

Hold a shell up to your ear, enjoy the sound of the ocean and all that jazz.

It’s the pimp hat that sells this one!

I just gotta have more cowbell!!