One Nation to Rule Them All

Very cute design; nicely done.

PLEASE make this a poster

I have no memory of this place.

This really should be a poster. It doesn’t work well as s t-shirt.

Oh, I’m on it!
I’ll make a similar poster :smiley:

Seriously, the east coast is messed up. Virginia and the Washington monument are in the Carolinas

Where’s Maine? :frowning:

I should really mention that the map is supposed to be loosely accurate. Like something Bilbo Baggins would have drawn from memory after a long journey across the US.

It is made of awe inspiring landmarks, difficult terrain, and creatures that he had to overcome. There are no borders nor capitals. It’s a fantasy version of the US. Not Google Maps. (Notice the Kraken in the Gulf of Mexico.)

I think it’s brilliant! I would like it even better if the title “One nation to rule them all,” was actually printed on the shirt. And yes, it would be great as a poster too.

Have you BEEN to the Gulf of Mexico!? There be Kraken, and if the Kraken don’t get ye, them kinfolk will!
Cursed be the damned jellyfish!

I get the conceptualization of the shirt but come on Arizona north of New Mexico and poor Northeast states you are relegated to just New England. Delaware made it but not Maine. This is why we can’t have bice things; it’s like messing up Norway with Finland or including (sorry guys) Luxembourg and not Germany. Or for my true wooters Mirkwood with Rohan

Thank you for not forgetting Delaware, we tend to get left off of things.

Only the lower 48?!
Booooo, needs the isles of paradise and the huge last frontier!

I’m going to have agree with the negative sentiments above…If this is supposed to be the annual USA shirt design derby, this 3rd place is better called dead last place. The lacking of all 50 states is just wrong. The cramming all 6 New England states into one area, where the country was formed from, is wrong. The placements of the monuments is wrong. And for this, a shirt that appears to bolster the USA, and yet includes Mexico with a border that isn’t clear cut is definitely wrong, and not American at all…Sometimes, humor doesn’t need to be a part of everything.

wait, you’re from Lynn?!? hi neighbor! we were in the Bent Water taproom Friday night :slight_smile:

You’re in luck: a friend of mine has been making Tolkien-style maps of various places for several years, including the US: Fantasy Map of the United States - Etsy

Forget the negative comments. People clearly aren’t getting that this is intended as a loose/fantasy interpretation of the states. Also, I second what people have been saying and I totally would buy this as a print or poster.

I say, are you good? OR Alaska Hawaii?

AWESOME, PLEASE do, my wife and I would love to hang this map in our house :smiley: I came on here specifically to request a poster.

How would we be able to purchase said poster?