One Nation to Rule Them All


Thank you simic! My thoughts exactly. I’d love a poster. And in the ad maybe explain the difference in language if its authentic.

I totally agree with this. Let the negative people buy a Google Map tee shirt of their own area…as for me and my house, we find this shirt to be imaginative and a lot of fun.

Happy Father’s Day, Simic! And congratulations on another shirt print to help out your much needed college fund! :slight_smile:

I’d also be in for one poster…

Get on the poster and get it on woot. I think you’l sell a few. nicely done

Yikes. As someone from one of those New England states, I’m not offended at all. It’s a lot of states, with a lot of letters crammed into a tiny area of a map. Don’t stress, people are just angry the stuff they liked didn’t print. I don’t like a lot of poorly designed shirts that print, but I keep my comments to myself. Why? Because WOOT wasn’t designed to cater to only the things I like.

And to the person who is mad that it isn’t USA enough for them and humor doesn’t belong. Calm the hell down. Go buy a red, white, and blue USA t-shirt from Walmart and relax a little

Since 4th place won’t be a daily, you’re technically correct that this is last. :slight_smile:

The real question: did you vote? If not, then why are complaining?

For those who are unaware, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday shirts are voted by Wooters.

Thanks for the support, guys.

I do appreciate all of the feedback and comments. Even the negative ones. Though, I would appreciate those even more if they came before the shirt was ready for printing.
I make these shirts for you guys so constructive criticism is always welcome.

The map poster should be done in a few days. I’ll post it on one of these sites when it is ready. Follow me so you don’t miss out :smiley:

I love this and want this on a wall. I agree with everyone else that this needs to be a poster or printed on canvas.

Regarding the write up:
Do you have to call and make an appointment? I’ve heard one does not simply walk-in to More Door.

Which was, of course, made in China.

It’s exceedingly rare that I comment here…but JEEZE!

All the negative comments at what I find an EXCEPTIONAL design!

I absolutely LOVE the free form design of this, and the lack of state boundaries.

As to the comments about New England?..really?!?

In the USA jigsaw puzzles I grew up with, the tiny New England states were grouped together, since they were too small otherwise.

Growing up in California, it wasn’t until decades later when driving through New England that I realized that they aren’t tiny!..but compared to most of the US, they are.

One of the things I love about this design IS the lack of state boundaries, and the fact that it shows the rivers which actually carved out the geography…and made the terrain what it is!


I also love the Bilbo Baggins aspect of the map!

I’d also like a poster of this!

Incidentally, as a happy consumer of Woot T-shirts in the past (probably have spend a couple of thousand on an arsenal of somewhere between 100-200 T’s), most of the designs recently have either sucked of simply been not that special.

The previous shirt I’d bought was the “S Ar Ca Sm” one, but this one was clearly a “most buy”!

Wonderful design!

Beat me to it! I was about to post the same link. There’s a whole series of “Mapsburgh” fantasy-style maps for different cities and regions.



hey! how’s that borderless Europe working out?