One of Those Days

Gah, this looks like he got stabbed in the chest by a pen.

Edit- I should note that I have an irrational fear of pen-stabbing. I blame “The Bourne Identity” and “Casino”.

Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!

(I am so ashamed of myself right now.)

What are they drinking if they’re under the ocean? What kind of sorcery is this?

In Soviet Russia…

Doh! I wonder if it’ll come out with a few hundred million gallons of seawater?

What’s the use of a pocket protector when these squids can squirt ink all over the place?

“Uh, Phil, I can’t help but notice that you’ve got a little ink stain there. And also, you’re not wearing any pants.”

It’s a shirt with a picture of a shirt with a stain on it? So an actual stain on the actual shirt would just make the joke more appropriate. Who needs bleach?

Could the “ink stain” help conceal mammary leakage because of the placement?

“You got blue on you”.

Kudos to Charity Ryan on this design as well-- there’s a ton of expression conveyed in those faces, and it’s achieved using only eyes. It takes some serious skill to draw that.

they look so serious…

I bet that squid wishes it was Friday

I’m not sure if those squids are cute enough to meet woot standards. I mean, where’s the big doe eyes?

First thing I thought of: You guys made me ink!

Squidward!? Is that you?


And the green is actually working as a watery color…

Ooo, look at all thoes snazy red blazers. Can I have one?

No Mrs Simpson. Jackets are for closers!