One Parsec

This would make more sense if a parsec was a measure of time rather than distance. Still, cool design.

… F&F and Star Wars… This makes me stupid happy… but is it worth another black shirt in my wardrobe? (For the record. The answer was yes, yes it was.)

It’s a reference to the line from The Fast and the Furious, “I live my life one quarter mile at a time.”

The Millennium Falcon found a shortcut and managed the Kessel Run in only 12 parsecs.SW trumps FF.:wink:

If the Millennium Falcon had under its hood what Dom had under the hood of his 1970 Dodge Charger, it coulda done the Kessel Run in a much shorter amount of time! :smiley:



For those unaware as to why Han Solo is bragging about the Millennium Falcon in terms of distance rather than speed.

From Wookieepedia

No, it makes more sense as a unit of distance, since it’s a reference to Fast & Furious.

But thanks for your uninformed opinion.

Not enough oxygen in outerspace for an internal combustion engine to work properly

Wish I could thumb’s up this X3 Wasn’t going to bother with this originally, but the hubby’s a F&F fan AND SW fan, so this is perfect for him.

This is important and relevant to the shirt. The Falcon was once owned by a travelling space circus.

A popular movie franchise does not the universe make. I stand by my original comment. But thanks for your fanboy opinion.

No, I actually meant my original statement because having in the Millennium Falcon what Dom had under his hood means that he’d have more superior horsepower and travel faster. :slight_smile:

But his comment wasnt really an opinion. Is it not completely factual that this shirt is also referencing F&F?

I’m so glad to see a tote bag being offered and I hope this becomes a regular thing. I don’t really wear printed t-shirts, but there are dozens and dozens and dozens of designs that I’ve wanted as tote bags.

Yes, factual the shirt is referencing F&F and makes sense in that context. But in the universal scheme of things it makes more sense if it was… (original post). Which is the point I was trying to make, not that the design didn’t make any sense.

Where’s my Tote Bag? Did I not read it correctly, I am sure my shirt was supposed to include a Tote Bag as well.

Sorry, not included. The tote bag was offered on the initial day of the sale only and had to be ordered separately. It was never free.