one question

my friend recommended me this site because they say that everyday they have some good deals—i want to know is it reliable?

I’ve received everything I’ve ordered, if that’s what you mean.

sure. customer service isn’t great, but they tell you that up front. the stuff you buy comes. they don’t steal from you or sell your info. what more could you want?

ok thats all i wanted to know----its because i’ve seen some good deals from past days and they look all good…maybe ill give it a go when something nice comes in well thank you for your responses—oh one more question—how long (about average) does it take for you to receive it…

There’s a heading at the top of the page, “What is Woot.” Read that and it should answer most of your questions.

…is it safe? …

watch out for that garotte wire coming up over your head…

//sloshes gasoline under feet

I was getting worried about your whereabouts. :wink:

scatters diamonds like froot loops across the pool of gasoline

Great. Now my teeth hurt.

Busy plotting and planning.

You wouldn’t happen to have a match or a lighter would you?

Hahaha, you know better. :wink: I’m the one with the fire extinguisher…and soon, I’m opening a profitable funeral parlour, thanks to YOU!

…drops lit cigar under her dress

Cool - just checking

//tosses magnesium flare

//prepares to delete all of Josephus’ future contest entries, muwaahahaha!

…its not like they ever win!

The question here is will she delete them before the server catches fire?

Sounds like a race to me.

Lol, okay. So then, you won’t mind if I delete them, then repost them as my own, heh?

sends lit lemming after her