One Saber, Two Saber

Congratulations on your LucasSeussian Derby win, Spiritgreen. :slight_smile:

How can you not love Dr Seuss and Star Wars?

I hate to be that guy but I have to say that I’m shocked that Woot let this through. I did the exact concept quite a while ago and Woot even has it in their catalog. Typically same concepts are frowned upon, not to mention on their own site. Here is the actual link to my design:

Yikes! Admittedly, I didn’t check either, but yeah, that’s a miss. :frowning:

Related, patrickspens, who submitted the same concept, and likely came in 2nd place, was rejected due to a similar design to the winner.

Oh dear! It looks like this was an oversight—a big one. :frowning:

Edit: I just did some checking in the catalog. When you enter the word “Seuss” only 11 shirts come up and the original “One Saber Two Saber” shirt is not among them.

On a related note, back last August, I PMed Walmazan about a shirt he did that I stumbled onto in the catalog. I told him that it needed to have a Seuss tag word added. He must not have seen my PM because he never answered it and the shirt still doesn’t have that tag in it.

Here is his “Seussian” shirt

Firstly, thank you to all the people who voted this to print - it’s unexpected and I really appreciate it! I’ve been wanting to try Seuss’ style for a long time.

Second, while you couldn’t confuse the two shirts visually I’m sorry it’s a similar concept to warbucks360. Before drawing I googled the idea a few ways and looked at the Seuss shirts in the catalog. I will always do my best to avoid any overlap with existing shirts.

I like.
But I do not like with it on front.
Can you put on posterior?
Then I’ll return and be much happier.

I noticed the existing one of ours too late as well, but that’s kinda the risk with pop-culture mash ups. I know no one was trying to rip anyone else off though, and I do like the more seuss-y style of this one.

It lacks “Dark Saber!”!!

Could you add the tag word “Seuss” to the two saber designs as well as this one that I’ve already mentioned?

Also, could a thread be established where tag word additions to shirts could be suggested? (I’d be glad to start that under the “Artists Resources” Tab if you thought that would be a good place.

This is not the first time I’ve wished that some shirts had additional tag words so that they’d be easier to look up.

Thanks ocho!

Agree, the lettering is more Seuss-like compared to the Stars Wars font on the older design.
That said, both make for a good mash-up!

All three shirts are top notch. It’s a bummer that people get the same ideas, although it’s also kind of awesome, being that great minds think alike. :slight_smile:

I’ve fallen victim to “oops, that was already invented” several times, and each time it’s both a comedy and a tragedy. However, congrats on the win!