One Smart Cookie

Wonderful, Wences! A back-to-back win! Congrats, sir!

Double Walmazan, all the way!

Get it? Cause it’s Einstein. Har har har

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Nobody does textures like Walmazan. Nice work.

Is that…dare I say it…a milk mustache?


Yay walmazan! Congrats on back-to-back!

Enjoyment = milk x cookies squared.

Congrats, Walmazan!

That’s a lot of Walmazan!


Wow…big number gap from first to second! Congrats on back to back prints!

Was there any doubt that Walmazan would clean up this derby? Two great designs, two well-deserved prints. Huge congrats, Wences!

I feel like some of these shirts aren’t as amusing without the title printed on them.

Einstein should have one stein on the shirt as opposed to two. That would be amusing.

I wonder how much more I would’ve paid attention in class if my teacher used blue chalk?

(Or if he was a talking cookie… Maybe I’m just easily impressed.)

Hey, that cookie stole Professor Plum’s mustache!

A well-rounded theory for a well-rounded cookie.

Snackstein’s theory of Really-jiggly?

From the theoretical kitchen of Master Chef Albert comes his latest creation, Biscuit Einstein. Congratulations for coming through again with such a tasty offering walmazan.


I don’t see any chocolate, and the “C” in E=mc² stands for “chocolate.” If we’ve learned anything about conversion of mass in the last 100 years, it’s that there should always be chocolate involved. That’s how the universe works.

I second this.

E=MC² actually stands for "Einstein equals Majorly Cool (twice as much as you)

I hoping that Wences somehow manages to print tomorrow too, even though he doesn’t have any more designs in the running. With a little determination, I know you can make it happen, buddy!

Tasty double Walmazan feature…congrats! Like that you went for an atom detail on the face of the cookie