One-Stop Woot-Off, Part Deux

We collect eggs so I gave the Godinger egg boxes a gander. I was somewhat confounded by the specs for each as they are shown as dramatically different sizes. The Brandon Egg Box at 6.5" H x 3.5" Dia. is the only correct one. The Terra Egg Box is oddly tall and skinny at 2" L x 2" W x 7" H. but I was unable to find anything different for it and, FYI, the Godinger website is no help at all. The best is the Freedom Egg Box which is shown to be 22" L x 12" W x 15" H. Wow! That would make it one hellova hunk of crystal for 15 bucks! The real dimensions are 3.5" dia. x 6" H. One more thing, they are all lead crystal.

Reviews at the mother ship make me think I’d rather pay for a new 3-in-1 Floormate. Several people got “refurb” units that weren’t even cleaned, much less refurbished.

Do you have a link for the 3-in-1 Floormate?

I bought the Freedom egg box here a few weeks ago and, at its actual size of 6.5"H x 3.5"D, it’s exactly the same size as the Brandon egg box.

I got all excited when I saw that the refurbished Breville BOV800XL might be back at Woot (its picture graces the splash screen advertising the modified woot-off), but then saw that it was its baby brother (BOV650XL) which was being offered (now sold out). Boo on Woot for teasing me this way! Please try to make the banner pictures representative of what you are selling, and please bring back the 800XL!

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the $41 list price on the mugs. I thought for sure that price must have been for a 4-6 mug set…but nope. One mug: $41.

Those must be freakin’ amazing mugs.

We updated the Freedom Egg to the correct dimensions. We’re still waiting to hear back from our rep on the others. Thanks for letting us know.

UPDATE on the Terra Egg: “It has a foot print of 2” and a top of 2 inches but widens in the middle to 3 ½”

Sales have been updated.

Spode is in the fine china category hence the high price. That said, I’ve seen Spode in the low to mid $30s. Note that these are also 9oz, smaller than the usual 11oz coffee mugs.

Can someone explain to me the Breville Oven sales statistics? I’ve been tracking this thing for months and have always ended up empty handed. This is quickly becoming my white whale!

This time, however, I don’t think I even had a chance. The first and last wooter are the same person who purchased 100% of the total available units. Since 100% purchased just 1, that would mean you only put one up for sale?

Come on Woot - that’s unsportsmanlike conduct!!

Did Woot fail to deliver anyone else’s order? They never delivered the Mukluks that I ordered, and have not been responding to emails with an explanation as to why. I didn’t ask for a refund, I gave you my money for a reason! C’mon Woot… that is just ridiculous.