One-Stop Woot-Off, Part Deux

Anyone know if these really work? My husband supervises the dock, no a/c, so I’m always looking for something that will help him to stay cooler. Would appreciate any personal feedback. Thanks!

Which item are you talking about?
All of the items for the One-Stop Woot-Off are grouped under one discussion thread.

Edit: I’ll assume you’re talking about the cooling towels.
I’ve actually bought similar ones before. (They may have been these, but I don’t remember). I have seen really good reviews for the Frogg Toggs brand ones online before.

It’s a very simple concept but it seems to work well. You just soak them in water, wring them out slightly, and as the water evaporates it cools you off. The difference isn’t exactly night and day, but it’s noticeable.

I purchased the Peppers sunglasses. They are high quality sunglasses. I’d never sprung for polarized sunglasses in the past due to the cost, but after wearing these, I’d never go without polarization. Really, they are quite a good buy. I can’t speak to the discount offered by Woot as I’ve never seen this brand of sunglasses elsewhere, but for what I paid for them on here, I don’t regret my purchase.

Re: Klingbeil Quad Roller Skates

I totally love their retro vibe! Does ANYone have any ideas where I could get a pair in my size (8.5)? I can’t seem to find them anywhere else. Wish they were on Woot; I would buy them in a hot second! :slight_smile:

I don’t know where you can get them in your size, but I wanted to offer that I bought them for my son, and they are nice, quality skates.

A caveat for these in particular (or maybe it is for all the skates they make), but the skates arrived with a very strong petrolem-type odor. We’ve had them since April, and they still smell a little, though it has dissipated.

Happy skating!

Yes, they do work. I bought three packs. My husband uses them when he mows the grass and when he golfs (like today when it’s in the 90s). My son works a forklift outside and he swears by them. I had the grandkids at the church festival for four hours in the sun (in the 90s) and I don’t think I’d have lasted without one.

Do these run true to size?

Presuming you mean the cooling towels, it depends. If you live somewhere where it’s a dry heat, I think they’d be fantastic. Here it’s been humidities in the 90% ranges, and they do next to nothing in those conditions except add another layer. When it’s drier out (they work by evaporative cooling) I think they work well, if it’s humid, forget it.