One Turtle Two Turtle

So which one is Yertle?

Needs more pizza ; ). But better than at least two* of the TMNT movies.

*number may increase

I’m picturing Splinter in a cardigan now.

Perfect for the “I like turtles” kid.

The one on top. Duh!


Where is the turtle that gets no bigger than a quarter?

Oh wait, there is no such thing.

Nicely done, congrats :sun_with_face:

Love the artwork on this one.

Have to get one to go with the turtle backpack from yesterday.

Musk turtles only grow to about 4" long, they’re the smallest. I was told my red-eared sliders would grow to the size of a dinner plate (props to the pet store guy for being honest) but they’re nearly 20 years old and only half that. Maybe I’m not feeding them the right kind of radioactive goo.

I’ve always been a fan of Dr. Oroko Seussi’s “Rat in the Vat”- I’ll have to check this one out too!

Congrats Alex! Always is nice to see another awesome print from you!

Thanks Wenceslao! I love that Woot doesn’t tell you when you’re going to print, so you have a morning like mine, waking up and discovering you’re on the front page with a hilarious writeup! Thanks for the love everyone! Glad to be back here!

Oddly enough, the exact same gag could be easily done with Koopas.

“It’s turtles all the way down.”

Oh, there’s the size chart…

Someone needs to get on this right away

Can you no longer buy different sizes?? Can only buy one size for all shirts now? It’s not giving me separate choice for shirt sizes?!?

Have you added one size to your cart, then go back to the product page and added another size?