One, Two, Crap in your Shoe


edit: got it!


Me too! 1st one I ever got through!

Yup. It appears we borked the servers again. Reminds me of old times.

It’s not through yet :confused:


Haven’t gotten one of these since like Braggart or Chode IV i think?

edit Got my confirmation email, so all is well in the world.

And my last one was Feb 16 of 2006, yikes…

And I received:

sneaky, just happened to click in right at the 1AM mark to catch the BOC. maybe the order will process. . .the waiting commences
oh, and it’s sneaky because of the 5 bucks ships all day, often I don’t buy things because of the shipping cost making it too much for me.
However, if the order doesn’t process through. . . . . .

I have never gotten to the processing page before. Wonder if I’ll make it all the way through tonight.

was hoping to score one but alas we killed WOOOOOOT

Server errors …:frowning:

Ug… Processing still. I’ve never gotten one of these. Could this be the day???

edit: NOOOOOO!!! Said it was denied. SO sad right now. :frowning:

Woohooo - the very 1st Bag-o-Crap has broken Woot - lol :slight_smile:

“yikes, there’s been a server error”

I think I got one?? Still says processing, but I went through all the steps and there is still over 70% left…

Seems to be a lot of bags available.

Oh Fiddlesticks! I’ve never made it this far though.

Check your order page, my crap is listed as “not yet shipped” there, but still showing “processing” on the other page

Just got “confirmed” only took 5 minutes

Finally got one! I mean, I had time to read War and Peace in between when I ordered and when it went through, but still! :slight_smile:

Constant server errors :frowning:

Just happened to look on woot, first time in a few weeks…

saw it just as it came up. Crap! I’m not logged in! Logged in. now processing… Not holding out much hope…

Yep. Denied. Typical. Now I know why I don’t shop here.