One Vine 2007 Wanderlust White (5)



One Vine 2007 Wanderlust White - 5 pack
$68.99 (Normally $144.83) 52% off List Price
5 2007 Wanderlust White Blend

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It’s 7 degrees outside in CT.

Please, no more whites.




I’m in California. Yum, whites!


“Interesting” isn’t usually the most comforting descriptor for a wine.

Anyone have anything more enlightening to say about this one?


Haha! You could move to south Florida! Then again…I HAVE to have an electric wine cellar.


I would be interested to know how much residual sugar is in this wine. It does sound like it could be good, but CA Viogner can be hit or miss.


Clash of the Wanderlust Whites!