Oneida 18/10 65-Piece Flatware Set

Previous Woot! (also showed up in Woot-Off)
(was $79.99 back then, but had another style to choose from in addition to this one)

Overall pretty good price for a 65-piece, name brand 18/10 flatware set. I think the lowest I’ve purchased one for in the past was $42.50 shipped and with wooden caddy (Oneida Exter 65-piece 18/10), but that takes some deal searching, and doesn’t pop up very often.

Edit - Another previous woot: at $69.

I really want some new flatware but I hate the Mandolina style and it seems like they cant get rid of them.

Why did the woot gods have to cancel my order from the wootoff of the ones I liked?

They wanted to save you $75? :-/

Also, an advantage of a more patterned design over the smooth/flat ones is that scratches don’t show as easily (for people that might be concerned about such things).

It’s the age old struggle between mind and wallet. One can pay the big bucks and get exactly what they want, or just decide to like what’s on sale and keep more cash.

Geez, I’m really trying hard to figure out how I can justify buying this. We’ve had an Oneida 18/10 stainless set for over 20 yr…and I’m tired of it! Unfortunately, it in no way needs replaced!! This truly is a good price for 18/10 stainless - and 12 place settings to boot! See! I’m working on it… almost there :slight_smile:

Woot you can call it a “Pierced Serving Spoon” all day long. We all know it’s really a Texas sized absinthe spoon.

We were a bit more formal in my house. We called it the spoon with holes in it.

If you don’t need flatware, then don’t waste the money. Buy a 60 inch television instead. Then watch QVC all day with the telephone in one hand and the creditcard in the other. Maybe , just maybe, you might be chosen to speak live on the air. There’s a story to tell your friends and family.

When are they gonna have a different design man?

I love this design, i grew up with one very, very similar.

Or the same.

Trying to think who needs it for a wedding gift so that i can satisfy my MUST. BUY. urge.

My daughter needs more wedding gifts! She’s getting married in just two weeks - August 5th. Need her address? Or you could just have them shipped here… :slight_smile:

I’m a tang man when it comes to my flatware. Can any previous wooters or current owners tell me where the balance point is?

Is is near the design section near the neck or is it closer to the eating side?


I can’t quite tell, but it looks like the butter spreader is ambidextrous. Can anybody confirm?

This is a total deal breaker without the Soup Spoon…

DadGummit! I’m really not too fancy about the design but the price can’t be beat. I bought a set of service for 12 dishware on blackfriday and I’ve been looking for some flatware. This is the best price I’ve seen so far…

They had one for more $ and I bought it. This is great stuff. Very heavy and good quality.

We call it “the holey spoon”, LOL…

The “place spoon” is used for soup consumption. The “tea” spoon is for stirring tea the old fashioned way, not a “long-handled iced tea spoon.” Unless of course you are referring to a “soup LADLE” which is a different thing altogether and not normally included in any sets. Great set, by the way, although Oneida was sold and is China-made now, not as heavy as when it was USA made. This is a better pattern for weight and balance, and resembles the classic DOVER, high-quality pattern many of us grew up using. Sadly, this lovely design is no longer fashionable, as cleaner lines are more modern.

Your friendly home economist

I’m a lady who is veeerrrryyy into tang as well. Also, the balance points on the dinner forks & knives are perfectly placed in the neck. In the spoons, I find them a bit towards the dish on the larger spoons, a bit towards the design on the smaller ones.

I purchased this set the last time it was offered (I believe it was $69.99), and was very happily surprised. This set is GORGEOUS (the picture really does it injustice). Very heavy, bright, and shiny. I also have the Michelangelo set, and for those of you who are wondering, although the latter is more ornate, the two complement each other well (i.e., if I were to throw a party, and didn’t have enough Michelangelo place settings, I could easily substitute the Mandolina and most people wouldn’t notice.) I will say that the Mandolina pieces are larger than the Michelangelo. But I am enjoying the Mandolina as an every day set, and it’s done great in the dishwasher. One more thing - Woot definitely loses money in the shipping - although of course they have a corporate discount, there is no way they could ship the 20-30 lb. box for $5.