Oneida 18/10 65-Piece Flatware Set



Previously $79.99 right here on Woot!, and listed for $115.44 with free shipping over on Amazon.


This is a massively good deal if you can live with that pattern. I’d buy two sets at this price if I were in the market. Always good to have backups for the inevitable pieces lost or mangled in the disposal.


For those new to the siverware, (or should I say Steelware) business, the “18” refers to the % chromium (18%) and the “10” refers to the % nickle (10%) present in the steel alloy used to make the utensils. This steel (SS304) is generally considered a durable, long lasting steel but the manufacturing process is what determines the real quality. Onida makes good stuff from what I have seen in various peoples’ houses (No, I was NOT snooping, thank you).

Less than $1 per utensil is pretty darn good.



oneida quality is great, the forks are polished in between the spikes. This price is unbeatable! Most of their styles last a while and they are so widely sold you will more than likely be able to find replacements, unlike your target and walmart brands. In for a set.


I have a similar set in a different pattern (Montego) and LOVE it. The 18/10 (as opposed to 18/0, which is what’s normally available at this price point) makes all the difference. This is sturdy stuff that holds its luster and will last for many years. Excellent Woot.


for the price, I’m gonna live with the pattern… not my favorite but to hell with it. high quality, good brand, killer price, sold!


A bit scmancy for my tastes (and all those little nooks and crannies in the handles will be harder to keep clean), but Oneida is good stuff and 18/10 is the kind of stainless you want — 10% nickel, so it won’t lose its luster.

I have another Oneida set bought in a previous Wooting, and we love it.


I wish I could convince my husband to deal with the looks of this set. We’ve been looking for new flatware for a while but he’s super picky about the looks and the set we’re replacing (my step-daughter threw a lot of the forks and spoons in her trash rather than take them to the kitchen) isn’t being made anymore. I grew with a set like this and could deal with it, especially at this price.


I was like others & didn’t want the fancy design, but ended up getting them when they were on sellout woot since I didn’t know when they’d pop up again. Gotta say, I love the design, it reminds me of the stuff my mom had when I was growing up. Plus it’s nice to have flatware that has some weight to it!


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