Oneida 65 Piece Carolina Flatware Set with Storage Tray



I’ve been shopping for flatware recently and can say that this is a great price - a set of this size runs around $120 or so on Amazon.

Not sure this is the pattern that I want, but I’m seriously thinking about it.


$143.00 over on amazon-this is nice flatware. Heavy and pretty.


The 18/10 is definitely better than the cheaper 18/0 stuff. The lowest I’ve ever seen for an Oneida 18/10 service for 12 set was $37.99 in an Amazon gold box deal (for the Exeter pattern) but that was back in 2007 and I haven’t found one that low since.
This one is still a pretty good deal. You’ll generally pay at least $89 or so, unless you find a particularly good sale somewhere.


Oneida Website


Great memory Kmartid. I bought a set when they had that sale, it was the Ottawa style, but that style was $59.99. Been hoping for a decent sale ever since and never found one. Just might have to pony up for this. 18/10 makes ALL the difference.


I should buy a set just for the brilliant princess bride references, but alas, i have three sets of virgin oneida, waiting for me to open my Bed & Bistro… which i’ll do, one day, maybe, hopefully soon.

/“as you wish”


I’ve checked around on a few sites, and the long-handled teaspoons aren’t available for this pattern. That’s kind of a dealbreaker for me, since I’m southern and we like those long teaspoons, but also because I like using them for desserts and stuff.

Maybe I’ll luck out and find a pattern that has them next time I hit the outlet malls.


Don’t know about where you live, but if you really are shopping for a flatware set, almost all major department stores have a very nice set (sometimes up to three patterns to choose from) with a lot more pieces and it comes in a chest at a super great price the day after Thanksgiving - if you go in for the day after Thanksgiving stuff. I bought my Oneida flatware from Macy’s a few years ago during those “special few hours” and got a chest and service for 24 and I paid somewhere around $50.

BTW, one of the WORST write-ups I’ve seen in a long time. You can do better, Woot.


LOL!!! Guess that’s how the publishing houses stay in business - we all have different tastes! A Bed & Bistro sounds neat - go for it!


The Princess Bride!


Previous Woot for other Oneida sets

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father! Prepare to die!


Oneida makes great everyday flatware for families with KIDS! My mom bought an Oneida set when my brother and I were young, and it somehow survived all of the abuse we’s kidz gave it. None bent, none badly scratched (a couple of utensils thrown out by accident, but we were young, okay?).

One caveat - my mom’s set was made in USA, and Oneida now manufactures overseas.


It’s important to note that those were 18/0 stainless. These 18/10 sets are a much better for the same price.


I call bs. That would be far below the store’s cost for a name brand 18/10 or 18/8 service for 24 set with a chest, and likely below actual manufacturing cost. Service for 16 with a caddy or maybe service for 24 18/0 with a (cheap) chest I’d believe.


[quote postid=“4119004” user=“NightGhost”
One caveat - my mom’s set was made in USA, and Oneida now manufactures overseas.[/quote]

previous oneida woot was made in vietnam. 18/0 but still very good.


Definitely a good deal. We’ve got a full set of Oneida 18/10. These are heavy, sturdy pieces that will last you a long, long time.

Thinking of popping for this just to replace some that have been lost by kids and/or nicked up by, er, someone that let them go down into the garbage disposal…


one of the best write ups EVER!! +10 laughter for the princess bridesque description!


Looks like a solid deal


What is the difference between 18/10 and 18/0? I understand that 18/10 is somehow better and heavier, but by what degree is it heavier? Is the 18/0 flatware so light that it will nick and bend easily?