Oneida 65 Piece Flatware Collection





And this is where I run to the gas station.


uhhhh… is the Stafford the one on the left or the right?






Remember, woot-off is at kids and wine as well right now! We need people to move those items along as well! :oD


Look mother, I got you some shine metal objects, I was told you can use them for eating.


Thanks to Woot I no longer have to eat with my hands!!! :smiley:


hey check it out it’s The Price is Right Booby Showcase prize!! wok wok wok wok doooooooooooooo


WOW! when i got on here tonight i was thinking, man i could sure use some silverware…


65 pieces of flatware on the wall, 65 pieces of flat,take one down and pass it around


Amazon $102.99
Ebay only $75.99


but why 65 pieces??..will someone at the table not get a fork!!!


I bought the Stafford on a regular Woot. They are a nice, fairly heavy set. The handles are a bit more curved than most other flatware. I like 'em.