Oneida Du Parc 18/10 65-Piece Flatware Service Set

Although no reviews yet on this set, Amazon is selling it for $50+ more.

I have a different Oneida set I purchased about a year ago. I absolutely love it. They are durable, heavy and set well in my hand. I run them through the dishwasher with no problems. The shine hasn’t diminished a bit. If I was in the market for another set, I’d jump all over this deal!

+1 for Home.Woot!

I’m sure someone can do better than me but it’s 5 minutes with no posts. Macy’s Has these for 225 dollars. Woot is a little more than 1/3 the price.

Edit: I knew someone would do better.

This is a great deal. 18/10 stainless is what you want - spoons can scoop cold ice cream without bending.

I bought this set on ebay before Thanksgiving for $100. Finally, matching silverware for 12.

Buy it - you won’t be sorry.

$132.57 at Amazon. Macy’s wants $225. LOL.

Approximately 81 cents per item.

What’s the difference between a serving spoon, and a pierced serving spoon? I have enough trouble keeping my salad fork separate from my dinner fork. You should just sell a 50 pack of all purpose sporks.

Can that perforated spoon still stick to my nose? You know that great magic trick… Dinner time at my house you have to pull out all the stops.

High quality flatware.

The pierced serving spoon is for serving things that are in liquids, so the liquid can drain out first, before the item is plated.

Going to show this deal to my students at my Chinese university. They love gawking at the Western cultures’ need for overabundance of things. It’ll be fun for them to see what we use ten unique utensils for, they accomplish with merely chopsticks :slight_smile:

Oneida Page with Reviews

Serving spoon looks like a big teaspoon, totally solid. Pierced serving spoon has slits in it so you can pick stuff up and the liquid will drain through the slots back into the serving dish.

Anyone know where these are made? I read somewhere that one should only buy flatware made in the USA, to avoid the more toxic chemicals.

Exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks woot

Anyone have silverware with matte handles and know if the finish holds up better than they used to? It used to be that they would show scratches really easy, especially after a few runs through the dishwasher.

Can anyone who owns this set of silverware confirm that each piece is one solid piece of stainless steel? Versus most silverware where the knives have a separately-cast blade and handle. Thanks!

Oneida started off as a crazy Christian sex cult that morphed into a silverware company.

No, really. Oneida Community.

So keep that in mind as you’re using their forks.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

I don’t care as long as the silverware is good. I just moved into a new apartment. I need silverware. I’m in for a set!

I checked out the macy’s page
anyone know why
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Anyone know?

Since it’s not mentioned, I’m willing to bet not. :confused: