Oneida Du Parc 18/10 65-Piece Flatware Service Set

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This is just what we’ve been waiting for. Gotta convince the wife, now!

I read on the Oneida review page that each piece is stamped made in Vietnam for those interested in knowing where they were manufactured.

I read somewhere that the Earth is flat.

It may ruin the luster of the finish, however, i have 2 set of Oneida that are over 10 years old and recently started using lemon detergent, and have not notced any difference.

Probably a refurbished textbook.

Wow! With this I can finally get all my flatware to match! Thanks Woot!

hey i’m getting married soon
I was wondering if this is worth it or is it overkill for just the two of us?
I guess i could split them up and give some to my parents…
And it it true only to buy american made or is it ok if this is from vietnam?

Still looks like an excellent deal, but try that math one more time…
$79.99/65 items = $1.23/1 item

I’m pretty sure it’s fine that it’s made in Vietnam. I Googled about foreign-made flatware, and no warnings came up. Also, it’s from reputable brand, with positive reviews. Note that the original poster of the panicked, US only post didn’t give any proof, just an “I read this somewhere” FUD statement.

Just in case you can’t tell what utensil is for what, watch some Animaniacs …


(From Taming of the Screwy, episode 5)

These are made in Vietnam.

NO SUCH THING as overkill!! I am single person with 8 settings and totally want this because i am CONSTANTLY doing dishes just to clean my flatware. DO IT!!

(edit) IT WILL SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE!! no one likes doing dishes/unloading the dishwasher…

“Just remember spooning leads to forking!” :slight_smile:

Pierced serving spoons are for when you have something that sits in a liquid and you don’t want to scoop up all the liquid as well as the thing.

For some reason the only thing I can think of is a green bean salad, but I’m sure there’s other stuff. .

Actually, the piercings allow others to see what you have scooped up with your spoon as you place it in your mouth.

My son moved back in at 23. Silverware started to disappear. We, meaning my significant other and myself, truly used the smaller forks on a regukar basis. Now we have only 2 of the smaller, or salad forks, left. I really can not account for or explain the loss of our favorite forks. I am starting over. New set and new security. I will be vigilante on my brand new Oneida silverware. Promise!!!

thanks for the replies, will be taking it over to the soon to be wife and see what she thinks.
She’s the cook and loves kitchen stuff so i want her to pick this, this advise will help her as well, thanks again.

Look in the back seat of his car. Your son is forking all the neighborhood girls!

Tell him he needs to buy his own set and fork on his own dime.

I was given a very similar set for a wedding gift back in 1977 (wow I’m old). I still have most of it and it is as good as new! If I had the $ I’d be buying a set for my daughter…