Oneida Edessa Satin 18/10 65pc Flatware Set

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Oneida Edessa Satin 18/10 65pc Flatware Set
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What is the difference between 18/0 and 18/10?

The 18/10 and 18/0 specifications are simply figures that illustrate the percentages of chromium and nickel content present in the stainless steel. Chromium is a hard metallic substance that helps increase product hardness. Nickel is defined as a silvery metallic element that helps resist corrosion.

18/10 flatware

Brilliant luster
Rust-resistant material
Durable construction
Easy to maintain

18/0 flatware

Soft shine
Zero nickel content
Economical design
Subject to staining

Any reason I can’t find this product anywhere else on the net? And how would the durability compare to some generic silverware (like IKEA)?

18/10 is the best stainless for flatware as it best resists discoloration. I would never buy less than 18/8. And this is a good brand.

Most generic silverware now is 18/0 so this would be much better. Oneida is a good name, have no idea why it is not on the net though.

Oh this is simply a guess, but I am thinking the packaging error has prevented normal sales channels.

Just saying :slight_smile:

You are probably right. And for those that didn’t read it, I just want to prevent a panic when you open the box:

Special Note: This item will arrive packaged in a retail box which states “Mirror Finish” however, the flatware inside the box is the “Satin Finish” which is shown in our images. The packaging was printed incorrectly.

My current flatware (cheap from Target, not sure if its 18/0 or not) had the handles discolored by sitting in water or other liquids for a moderate period of time. Overnight in a bowl in the sink for instance.

Will these/will 18/10 stainless flatware resist this type of discoloration?

I bought a set (different pattern) a couple of years ago from Woot, and I’m very happy with it. The pieces are quite sturdy and won’t get bent out of shape. I’ve never even had to bend a fork tine back into place (and I do drop them occasionally… at least once a week).

I’m in for a set of these. It’s time to retire my mess of cheapo silverware that is mostly stuff I ripped off my school cafeteria a million years ago.

Excellent reply!!!

Most people are not aware that Oneida no longer makes their flatware products in America. Since China took it over, the quality has suffered. This pattern lacks the quality that your mom’s flatware had. Probably discontinued, and maybe has the quality control issues. Don’t know this pattern, but a lot of people don’t know this product is entirely produced in China and quality control is “iffy” at best. There is only one company in America that still makes 18/10 – more expensive than this, but really, really worth it.

And which company is that? Don’t tease us, deliver!

Oneida is an exceptional company and I have been impressed with both their silverware and glassware as well.

Yeah no kidding? Spit it out

I think he’s talking about “Liberty Tabletop” that is 100% made in the USA. It’s probably a high quality set according to reviews at Amazon. That said, you’ll pay about $250 for a 45 piece set, so you could buy two of these 65 piece China made sets for around $185 shipped from woot and still have $65 bucks left for dinner out. So, ask yourself, how badly you want “made in USA” silverware? Just saying…

Oh, and since nobody else mentioned this, this set comes with a 25 year warranty from Oneida.

Mine arrived today. I love this flat ware! Good weight to it and really nice .

Finally found a reference to it. Oneida made it with a lower price point, and a simpler design, than their other 18/10 sets. The idea was to promote “fine quality” sets for everyday use.

Mine arrived. Very happy with it.