Oneida Edessa Satin 18/10 65pc Flatware Set

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Oneida Edessa Satin 18/10 65pc Flatware Set
Price: $89.99
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Condition: New


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3/21/2014 - $89.99 - 17 comment(s)

What is the difference between 18/0 and 18/10?

Bought these last time & very disappointed @ how light weight they are. Using them anyway because my Oneida Stafford pieces keep disappearing (into the garbage?) & they are discontinued.

Perfect, answered my question on these…PASS!

I’m really cautious about buying this set without being able to find it anywhere else, including Oneida’s site(which means discontinued), or somewhere like which has most replacement sets.

If I were going to go with this set though, I’d probably get 2 sets, provide enough backup to the first set to make sure we didn’t end up with some messed up pieces that Oneida couldn’t replace. Especially since they don’t seem to show on

Whenever I buy new flatware, I always buy 2 sets. That ends up cheaper than buying replacements in the long run.

Funny thing, I was running low on spoons on my current set. When I moved a couple years ago, I found my spare set of flatware. MOAR SPOONS!

I’ve got the flatware beside me and have fondled all the pieces. I find these to have a nice weight - referred to as mid-weight.

The pieces feel nice in my hand. They have a really nice look to them.

This is a great price for a 65-piece 18/10 flatware.

And it’s really a HECK of a good deal now because we just dropped the price $10. Getting 'em while they’re hot, wooters!

Small print: If you already purchased these, that $10 will go flying backing into your pockets soonish.

I bought these last time. I think they are pretty nice. But, I’m just a single guy who is not a silverware snob. My old silverware drawer had nothing that matched. So, this is a perfectly fine starter set. I would agree that they are not “heavy”, but more “middleweight”. The 18/10 material (18% chrome / 10% nickel / 72% Iron-Carbon-etc) is very nice, and I can throw this stuff in the dishwasher and not have to worry about rust or staining anymore. I don’t miss my crappy old cafeteria silverware.

Awesome - thanks!

Bought this set last time around and liked it. Just bought another set so that I never will have to shop for replacements. (I learned from past experience: I still have a set of Oneida in the garage - a service for 8 but with only 3 teaspoons and 4 dinner forks - that I can no longer get replacements for.)

I bought these last time. They’re not super fancy or anything, but they’re definitely worth it now that they’re $10 cheaper. They aren’t super heavy on the end so they don’t end up falling off your plates/bowls like I’ve had with other silverware.