Oneida Edessa Satin 18/10 65pc Flatware Set

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Oneida Edessa Satin 18/10 65pc Flatware Set
Price: $69.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, May 05 to Tuesday, May 06) + transit
Condition: New


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4/11/2014 - $89.99 - 11 comment(s)
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lets learn the difference between 18/0 and 18/10

It’s a great forkin’ deal!

I got this set last time it was on woot. Everything looks classy without being tacky, and each piece has a substantial weight to it. It looks and feels like a quality flatware set and I’m really pleased with it.

18/10 is the good stuff, and so is Oneida. I wooted a similar set a few years ago for a similar price, and I’m very pleased.

Are they a whiter silver color? Or are they closer to grey?

I ask because the fancy dishes I’ve got are white with reddish-gold accents and I feel like something too silvery might not go well. But I’m not sure. I just know I’ve seen this set before and thought it looked pretty nice, and then was kind of annoyed with myself at skipping it.

Are we sure this is 18/10? That isn’t incorrectly printed too is it?

I bought these today, but after searching the web, I’m starting to wonder if these are really Oneida or if they are counterfeit. I can not find any reference to Oneida Edessa or part number F102065A that doesn’t point to Woot’s web site. Oneida’s web site does not list this set nor does any of the sites that sale Oneida replacements. Is this set truly Oneida?

EDIT- Checked with Oneida, their response:

Edessa Satin is an Oneida pattern. It was designed specifically for Woot to sell on their website.

The comments from the 03/21 woot has a link (posted by phatparents) to an Oneida marketing blurb - - confirms the 18/10 composition & Oneida origin.

Resistance was futile. Bought myself a set.